3 Ways I Gained Views for My YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is as easy as starting a website. The tricky bit is how to avoir des vues YouTube. I was joining the YouTube platform for the very first time and seeing that I wasn’t on any social media platform, getting enough views to get me on the map was a challenge at first. So how did I do it?

I began encouraging the few viewers I had to subscribe

Sometimes, you have to work with the little you have. In my case, I was getting about 20 viewers each time I posted videos so I started to encourage them to subscribe to my channel. This made sure that my videos got instant views every time I released a new video.


I asked my subscribers what they wanted to see

Sometimes, when you ask, you definitely receive. You will be surprised how incredibly easy it is for people to respond when you ask then what you want to see. However, when they ask what it is they want, you need to make sure that you give them what they what.

I created playlists to keep existing subscribers and new viewers watching 

There is power in auto-play especially on YouTube. It keeps people stuck on the online rabbit hole as long as the videos keep playing. So the trick is to keep your viewers entertained with continuous doses of your videos.

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